Expression Map Category Folder/Collapsible group

It would be very useful (and easy to implement!) to have folders/Collapsible groups in the category list (left side) of the Expression Maps editor. I already have too many expression maps loaded and I am pretty sure many others do.

GUI: At the button, we can have new icons to create, delete ( of course empty folders/collapsible group), rename the folder/group, and import and export into or from it.

Thank you.


Its an idea I could get behind.

I’m LOL about the “It would be easy to implement.” I’m not saying its hard, I’m just reminiscing about a few Customer/SME I would have liked to smack when I was a young programmer.

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A very reasonable request. I believe it’s been made before, and this won’t be the last time I add my voice to it.

The GUI for organizing Playing Techniques, Playback Techniques, Expression Maps and Playback Templates could definitely use some work to make organizing things more systematic and user friendly. And the GUI for making them work together could also be improved.

The Dorico team has put in a ton of work to provide and enhance the tools Dorico now includes, and I’m sure more is in the works. Some work on user organization would make that work pay off beyond the provision of those tools.

I’m sure Daniel and the team are aware of this, with the usual qualification that it must be prioritized among other requests.

There are many expression maps that I am afraid to import them all. Also, many that I am creating from scratch! I import them as I need them. But I wish I could import them all and organize and use them in my compositions. This kills my inspiration and motivation for writing. Thankfully, I don’t make money off of music composition!

Would be nice whenever they implemented!

PS. @gdball ONLY: Trust me for an experienced programmer this is nothing! This is not about real-time audio/midi events, Kubernetes, embedded systems, or scientific (distributed) parallel computing or a NP-hard combinatorial problem! :slight_smile:

Oh I know, its the general idea that I avoid - I hated it then, and I’m careful not to give estimates on behalf of those that work on my teams now, though I might have written many times the code of some of them. Seems more respectful and leads to better working relationships. Would rather write music anyway…

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I’d LOVE to see this implemented. It would be nice way to hide all those HALion EMs that I never use


I wonder what percentage of people who create or import custom Expression Maps EVER use the Halion maps? They are there primarily for people who do not want to invest in any third party libraries. I suspect a high percentage of these never work with Expression Maps, since the primary motivation for this is to only use things out of the box.

Halion ExMap users please correct me if you are frequently in the dialogues modifying these maps.

It makes no sense to me that the third party library user has to wade through these. It’s understandable when the focus is mostly on providing original Expression Map capabilities. But one hopes that as things have become more established user GUI satisfaction begins to take on more focus.

I’d be fine with Halion maps tucked neatly in their own folder, accessible for those who need them, out of the way for those who don’t.

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I think I was one of those asking for this some time ago - but if I wasn’t, yes - it’s a great idea. And not just for Expression Maps but for all areas where lists are lengthy and would benefit from organisation (Playback Templates is another one and given that vertical space is in demand on the Play page, using folders to organise tracks there would go a long way to improving visibility.)

While we’re on the subject of Expression Maps and folders - can part of the solution also allow for users to define which Expression Maps they want to see listed by default?

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Re: use of folders in other areas, yes, agreed.

Re: user ability to define which maps show, that’s an interesting idea. It takes Cubase’ visibility feature and applies it to lists.

The aim in all this is to free the user from having to deal with everything that is there. Dorico is a vast ocean of options and lists. Each option, each entry in a list, is there. Can’t avoid that. But we can avoid having to cross the entire ocean to find something we know is there but is lost in the vastness. Instead, we can identify and limit ourselves to areas of the ocean important to us, and thus make it more like swimming across a pool.

This is not to suggest every option and list should have a folder or a visibility setting. But there are some that cry out for it.

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I agree with the sentiments here and indeed find myself having to delete third party Playback Configurations which populated the list with mostly unwanted Expression Maps. making it hard to find ones I actually want. Of course such configurations I actually use are fine, it’s just I’m getting more reluctant to try out alternatives to the essentials if I can no longer find the ones I actually want…
If you could just shove them all into a folder called “miscellaneous” or whatever or hide them, it would be a huge step forward. And yes, I’ve never heard of anyone actually wanting to do anything with the Halion EM’s

There are fantastic playback tools in Dorico but there are also a few areas like this where just a little tidying up could make such a difference. And of course the other one many people pick on is more transparency in the relationship between Endpoints and Playback configurations. But of course the team know all this and I’m sure we’ll see improvement with v.4