Expression Map Causes Popping Sound

I’ve just started messing around with VST expressions/dynamics. If I have an expression map loaded, every time I stop transport in the middle of a note I get a VERY irritating clicking/popping noise. Can anyone tell me how to stop this? If I unload the map the noise stops.


Maybe we need a bit more info?.. Which instrument, which map (did you build it yourself? etc.)?

Hi Vic
Thanks again for your reply.
It’s a VSL flute. Connected to a slave computer via VEPro. Tried both VST 2 and VST3 versions with same result.

I built the expression map myself. I’m learning how to do expression maps, so it only has two articulations at the moment. Even if I set the release time of the instrument to max it still pops out. It’s almost as if Cubase is cutting off the audio stream when I stop transport. The pop definitely sounds like an audio error, rather than a MIDI error. Buffer settings are fine so it’s not that.

Just tofor reference: the vsl flute 1 and home made expression maps does not “pop” here


Are you also using Vienna Ensemble Pro? There must be some setting somewhere that is causing some weird reset message…

I’m afraid I don’t have VEPro (or anything to slave it to, for that matter :wink: )…
But, I’d be more inclined that it has more to do with the slaving than with the VST Expression Map itself.
However, it might be worth your while uploading that VST Expression Map here, I’ll take a look, see if there is anything in it that could be causing a problem.
What is intended to trigger the various articulations in that VSL flute? (keyswitches, CC#s, program change, MIDI channel, etc.)

It is possible that VEPro is causing the problem, though I have been using it for years without issue. If I disable the expression map everything is normal which makes me think it’s a Cubase thing.

Here is the map. C#0 triggers sustains, D1 triggers legato. That’s it. If you are going to try this yourself, keep in mind that VSL numbers keyswitches one octave higher (Cubase C#0 = VSL C#1). I’m using the full Flute 1 patch.
Flute (991 Bytes)

So, in the VST Expression map, you haven’t done anything in the top-right section, other than enter those two keyswitches (one for each slot)? If so, then the problem can’t be the VST Expression map itself.

Nope. It’s a very simple map. Maybe VEPro is getting a start/stop audio engine reset control from Cubase. I read in another post that expression maps do funny things with resetting controllers on stop. As far as I know though, there isn’t a cc control for audio engine start/stop. I’ll have to email VSL.

One other thing…
In Preferences>MIDI, do you have “Reset on Stop” active? Try deactivating it.

No, it was already deactivated.

Deleting dynamics expressions has no effect either.

The level of the noise scales the level of the note being triggered at the time.

I just tried it with a string patch from East West and the problem went away. Clearly it’s a VSL thing.

Apparently this is a fixed in a VIPro update released today.

May all our problems get resolved so quickly! :smiley:

Would you happen to have a reference to any VSL forum post addressing this issue? Thanks.