Expression map descriptions vs playing technique options

While attempting to create my first expression map for Berlin Symphonic Strings I’m finding it difficult to match the expression map options to the playing technique notations displayed in Write mode. Has anyone tried to map between the two or is it simply a matter of trial and error?

If you hover over the playing techniques in the panel in Write mode, you’ll see in the tool tip the playback technique that will be triggered for that symbol or text item. That should help you to develop a correlation between the two. You can also, of course, refer to the Playback technique field in the Engrave > Playing Techniques dialog.

Ah, I didn’t realise that, thank you. Through trial and error and monitoring the SINE performance window I eventually managed to get BSS articulations working sufficiently well but I’ll review what I created in light of your advice. The most advanced BSS legato techniques will probably be more difficult to match but the basic legato is all I wanted to cover anyway. I’ve now successfully created expression maps for all the BSS instruments and a dedicated BSS playback template. Staccato flumoxed me to begin with until I realise I needed to use dotted notes in my notation. It worked perfectly after that. I still have a much to learn but the support of the Dorico team is much appreciated.