Expression map features (Cubase and Nuendo)

Here are the things I wish Cubase/Nuendo would implement in an future update:

  1. collapse articulations in key editor

  2. add folders (foldable) in Expression map setup (to organise categories, applies to key editor view)

  3. show active articulation on a first lane (that is visible when collapsing articulations folder)

  4. show specified articulation colors in key editor

  5. auto assign names to custom articulation (Expression map setup)

  6. auto pre delay for individual articulations (calculated by sytem)

  7. generate articulations from VST (snipping tool that allows to higlight articulations in VST plugin to generate articulation map, or program that checks the output of the plugin to identify KS)

  8. add key commands in Expression map setup to trigger activation sequence of articulation (find and apply articulation!)

Maybe some of you thought something simliar down the line?
It is quite a hazzle to set up comprehensive orchestral libraries. Anything that would speed up this process, would be dearly appreciated.

Cheers folks :wink:

Hi, there is already a long thread on Expression Maps feature requests:

Thank you for pointing me to the right place.

I have searched for a subtopic and haven’t found this thread. Should I close/or delete my thread?

Not sure what thread you mean, but this one can be closed. (Continue in the other one, where you have already replied.)