Expression map for EW Hollywood Choir

Hi all, I created an expression map, playback template and Project template for EW Hollywood Choir.
I hope it could be useful.
Any suggestion is welcomed (this is my first attempt at it)

Expression map and Playback template: (2.6 MB)

Project template: (2.3 MB)


That’s great Gabriele, just what I need. Huge thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll try and make a similar one for Symphonic Choirs.

:+1: I hope it works (and it is fine: it should add all the “vocals” under “Choral” tecnique, but I’m not sure if this is a correct approach, since AFAIK it is not possible to create “custom” tecnique group)

No, I don’t think it’s possible to make a custom technique group - I asked about it ages ago, but it’s not on the horizon yet.

So, probably I read exactly your question (and the answer) sopmewhere.
So, now I’m gonna do a “Voice of the Empires” template, another vocal library, vocals: what could be a solution to have all those “vocals” (with the same name) in the same project, bringed in by different maps ? :thinking:

Sounds like a good idea. I’m working on Symphonic Choirs. There’s already an Eric Whitacre template if you have his superb choir.

Looking fwd to your results :+1:

Thanks so much for sharing!

:+1: :grinning:


Many thank’s for this.
I use it and it works. Only I have to load every “Voice” one by one. It’s not done automaticly.

Best wishes

Hi patha, I’m glad it works. I’ll try to fix what you point at, thanks for the suggestion (but I’m not sure when)

Many thank’s

Hi @patha
I just tried to open the template and I can hear the voices without doing anything, in any of the three flows (Cons, Vowels and WorldBilder): could you explain what you mean with “Only I have to load every “Voice” one by one” ? Maybe there is some setting that I did not export :thinking:


I have imported the EW Hollywood Choir.dorico_pt
After when I set up a score and use the playback template, the playing techniques, expression maps … are loaded but not the Opus plug in with the choir sounds
(sorry about my english)

Gabrio, have you figured out how to do melismas (more than one note per syllable) with Hollywood Choirs and Dorico? Overlapping notes in the play editor doesn’t work as it does with some libraries. By the way, thank you for posting the Expression Map.


I’m not sure I understand the problem. You just spell me-e-li-i-sma in Wordbuilder for example. Has always worked fine for me. But possibly you mean something else?

Ah, I’ve just looked at the EM and template. It seems it’s not designed for use with Wordbuilder at all which to me is the whole point of these choirs.

Thanks, dko22. I was looking for something more complicated. I didn’t realize it could be that simple.


Hi Gabriel.

Are these templates/maps for Opus or the Play 6.1.9 engine? Cheers Simon.

Hi simyoda! I’ve built them using Opus v. 1.2.3

Hi Mike! As dko22 said, my idea was just to spell letters/wovels in the worldbuilder, one for each note of the melisma.

Hi dko22, not sure to understand: do you have some idea/suggestion ? I’ve no idea on how to bring the words from dorico lyrics inside worldbuilder