Expression map for piano VST

Say I want to use Addictive Keys grand piano, or similar, such as the Hammersmith, Do I need to create an expression map for the instrument? I was just using the HSSE (SE) playback template.

The Dorico default map should work fine.

Have you looked at Pianoteq? I picked up their std package and now have 20 or so historic pianos (plus some extras harpsichord/virginals etc) to play around with. Fancy a 1796 Broadwood to play those Haydn Trios?


Thanks. But I dont fully understand the Playback Templates. What should I be using?

I don’t think you need a map for pianos, or rather, it doesn’t need to do anything. In other words, things like sustain and una corda are standard MIDI commands that Dorico will implement without the need for specific instructions – unless, for some reason, your piano VST is set up in some non-standard way.

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