Expression Map Generator - New Browser Version

Dear musicians,
I know many of us are using Cubase Expression Map feature. Especially when you are into orchestral or film music and work with lots of libraries that contain keyswitches it is quite nice to have all that integrated in the key-editor right at your fingertipps. But…

I always found, that cubase internal Expression Map Editor was really hard to work with and it was a timing issue to create maps for lots of patches.
I often dreamed of having a tool, where you can create your Expression Maps efficiently, so finally - with lots of effort - I created a webtool myself for this topic :sweat_smile: :partying_face:

I like to share with you my Expression Map Generator. Please let me know, if you find it handy too:

Kind regards and keep healthy in 2022!


Very nice work.
Unfortunately I don’t use Keyswitches but MIDI Controllers.
Thanks for sharing.

Very generous, thank you very much.
I’ll sure try it out.