Expression Map - Helpful Additions to the conversation ;)

No kidding, the expression map editor is like something I wrote in 1985 for a database front end on a VAX/VMS mainframe on a dumb terminal.

Hey! It’s good enough for air traffic control, so it’s certainly good enough to switch between pizz and bartok pizz!

VAX/VMS? Those damn machines stole the best years of my life.

lol, I had to choose between being a musician and a programmer … I found out I largely could not stand working with musicians. So, in that regard those things gave me a life/living HAH.

I am not kidding when I say that an editor I wrote was extremely similar. 3 zones with a state selector in each zone. Each element of each zone was an independent record which had to be locked in the db for edit even though it had a relational tree value to the adjacent zone (anyone remember C Tree structures?). I understand why it was done that way in the 80’s when we worked in extremely small memory footprints and had no local cache (although the VAX did have a dirty memory pool of sorts, is that where the saying ‘dirty pool’ comes from? hehehehe) … I digress … as usual

It’s a much bleaker world keeping 'em running compared to using them as a tool. But yeah, getting a living was a fine trade-off.

So that’s why you live in the middle of nowhere.

Wait. Are you talking about musicians or mainframes?

hehehe … quite possibly. :laughing:

I found mainframes FAR easier to work with than musicians. :nerd:


Since you popped this silly portion of the thread over here, I’ll expand a bit. I was around the San Diego/LA area around the late 70s early 80s. I did not get exposed to actual ‘professional’ musicians that exist along the lines of what you do. It was primarily bands hopping up and down the bars and clubs along the coast. In the studios I was thinking it would be engineers. Just turned out to be mostly the burnouts from those bands that could actually play but couldn’t remember or capable of showing up for gigs. It’s astonishing how many awesome players there are that are absolutely useless from a ‘work’ standpoint. I’m very high strung, OCD and bit of a perfectionist. I’m also not a great musician, so made up for it by wanting to practice. This did not work well in those environments.

Yeah, I had to move it, I was one of the derailers.

Hey, I hear you, and I know what you’re talking about. I’m also astonished. Seeing people so good at music be so bad at respecting each other, which is what all that other stuff comes down to, barring actual brain damage.

And by the way, high strung, OCD and perfectionist is an apt description of some conductors I’ve known, and also an ex-girlfriend. :open_mouth:

Avoid dating high strung, OCD and perfectionist girls who are conductors …

omg. What a perfect storm it would be!

MVS = Man Versus System. :mrgreen: