Expression Map, how to make art peristent

Hello community! I can’t for the life of me figure this out. I have a “violins” instrument that requires a keyswitch to play stops. I created a keyswitch in the expression map called stopped, but Dorico keeps changing it to “natural” after only one note. I’ve added them to the instruments mutual exclusion group, but it still refuses to continue. I attach a few pics.

As always, I appreciate your invaluable contribution!

I have no idea what ‘stopped’ means as a string instruction, but my guess is you have set that playback technique as an ‘attribute’ instead of a ‘duration’ (attributes apply to individual notes, durations persist until changed). Check in Play=> Playback Techniques…

Stopped as opposed to divisi. I intend to hide them so they are just for playback purposes. The playback technique is set to attribute, did you mean direction?

However, you did give me an idea!

You should use ‘direction’ for techniques that carry on until overridden by something new. (For example, con sord and senza sord are ‘directions’, whereas an accent is an ‘attribute’ of a single note)

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That did the trick! You wonderful being!