Expression Map Initializing Problem - Don't send MIDI data at project startup

Hi there,

I created a big orchestral template with Cubase 12 Pro and Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, both running on the same machine currently. As I “only” have 64 GB RAM installed all sample players (Kontakt, Synchron, SINE) are loaded in purge mode, so the samples are only loaded into the RAM when receiving MIDI data.

My Problem:

  • I am using Cubase Expression Maps to trigger the key switches for the different instrument articulations.
  • Cubase sends the keys switch of the first expression slot for every expression map when opening the project automatically. I can see that this might be helpful but this causes some player like SINE or Synchron to load (some/all) samples into the RAM.

It would be much better if Cubase ony sends Expression Map MIDI information, when there is “main” MIDI note information coming in. I can see this might be problematic if you also use key switches to trigger the Expression Map itself but If you use Program Changes, this could easily be filtered at that point.

The only player that seems to be immune to key switches is Kontakt. Kontakt only loads samples when the actual note values for those samples are received, not any CC or keyswitch information.

As this whole purge thing seems to be tricky to implement for the player devs, it would be great if we could turn of the initial MIDI send of the expression maps at project startup.


ok, I see that a lot of people are using an empty first slot in their expression maps, which is doing nothing to avoid things like that. Seems to work… but not an eally elegant solution :roll_eyes: