Expression Map issues

When I use expression maps to route one MIDI note to another, the changes happen in the virtual instrument when i play the MIDI note on my keyboard. But when I listen back the MIDI notes have not been recorded.

So I hit A-1, which is mapped to C0. When I press A-1 on the keyboard, I can see the virtual instrument changing to C0. Yet this change is not recorded in Cubase. In fact an note that is mapped is not recorded in Cubase.

When i open up the key editor, any not that has been mapped does not register when i play it. As soon as i get past the range of the expression mapped notes I see the notes I play on the left hand side of the key editor.

Could you post a screenshot of your VST Expression window, please?

Sure, here you go.
Expression Map.PNG

You’ve just addressed your problem yourself.

Expression Map is intended to be used for expressions, thus outside the range of the instrument. So the notes you map are not supposed to be recorded.

I don’t quite understand what you are trying to achieve but I think that Drum Map is what you’re looking for.

Let’s see what vic thinks.

I just don’t buy that. The whole purpose for me is to have a way to organize my articulation changes for my various instruments and I’ve seen in browsing the forums that other users have successfully emplyed this. If you can’tr save the changes to be clled up at a later time, the feature is useless.

Well you need to fill out the art. lanes too if you want them to appear in the editor. So in the art 1 column you could write stac. and the you will be able to see them. VST expressions is a very convoluted system, but once you got it up running it actually works quite good.

Ok, I thought you were trying to use EM for something else, like remapping your keyboard !
So, proceed as Musicmind suggested and you’ll see the articulations changes in the Articulations/Dynamics lane in the Key Editor after you record them.

I was just about to reply exactly the same as Musicmind :wink:… your VST Expression Map is incomplete.
I’d recommend…
For each line, click on “Art.1”, and either find an existing articulation that would be useful to you, or select “Custom” (it looks like you won’t need to bother with “Art. 2-4”)

Like others have said, you’ll need to apply the expression in the key editor. Here’s a video that might help:

At about 4:20 he applies his expression map to a track.

Hope this helps clear things up a bit.


I appreciate everyones help and i can now see a way to enter this information in.

My problem is now that i can’rt play it in real time because whatever is mapped does not allow me to play the notes in real time and record them.

I can play them in but I can’t actually record so the key switches are not recorded.

This is better than nothing, though, to just enter it all by hand.

I can record in real time using the maps I have set up. I’ve attached an image of an expression map for one Hollywood Brass section. I’ve also attached an image of the key editor where I recorded the articulation changes playing C0 - A0.

Did you define the articulations? I didn’t see any in your attached image.

Thanks everyone for your help.

I was able to get it going, thanks to all of the advice i received on this forum. It’s a little convoluted but a great feature.