Expression Map - Only Group 1 is working

I’ve set up an Expression Map for the keyswitches in Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass, but only Group 1 is working. I have keyswitches in the other groups but they don’t do anything on playback, even if the Group 1 keyswitch is inactive.

If I reassign them to Group 1 they work fine, but then I can only use one at a time. I’d like to be able to combine them with the keyswitch in Group 1. Help! Thanks.

That’s the way Expression Map works.

You can combine articulations but they need to be in different groups.

AND, any combination needs to correspond to a sound slot (sample).

The program cannot guess.

For example : if you want to play ‘accent + vibrato’, you must first create a sound slot, with accent in group 1 and vibrato in group 2 (or any other combination), and containing these specific samples.

The program cannot combine samples by itself, playing two or more key switches at a time, if that’s what you’re looking for, (I would love this feature by the way :wink: ).

I see thanks. The manual is totally unclear on this among other things.

This makes expression maps much less useful for me. I guess I’ll use them for some keyswitches and not others.

I have just had another read through on Expression Maps, as I couldn’t work out why, when I close the setup window, the Editor also closes! This, of course means I have to open the Editor up again, any ideas, anyone?


Actually the Editor window goes behind the main project window. You can just bring it forward.

BUT, this seems to be a bug and related to the new windows management. It is annoying and should be reported.

(no such a behavior in Cubase 7.5)

Refer to
Have observed that this is also occurring when Project Notepad is opened and closed.