Expression map optimizations for BBCSO

I have recently purchased BBCSO Core and I am trying to get good-sounding playbacks from Dorico.
I have installed the expression maps provided on the Spitfire website but they do not always produce naturally sounding results.

Anyone here interested in sharing experience how to improve?

I have defined the legato patch as natural (at least for all notes not longer than “long”) and I have increased the default note length for strings to >100% for the legate patches. This however does not work well for oboes or trumpets.

There are also issues with repeated notes. I find that shortening the notes before the repeated one in play mode helps. I would however like to have an option in the notation (i.e. trigger a shorter note by some sign in the score).

Unfortunately, it seems that what works well for strings does not necessarily work for woodwinds or brass.

By the way, I really like the lush sound of the BBCSO strings, in case of woodwinds and brass noteperformer often yields better results “out of the box”. I now mix those two sometimes.