Expression Map output mapping multi-channel, same note

I’m having trouble setting up a simple two-channel expression map. How do I have ONE NOTE trigger TWO CHANNEL ARTICULATIONS simultaneously? I thought it was as simple as:

Slot 1 EMPTY
Slot 2 Staccato - Output mapping Channel 1 - Group 1
Slot 3 Marcato - Output mapping Channel 2 - Group 2

KONTAKT instrument track, Midi channel -ANY

The problem is that Kontakt plays only the first articulation in channel 1, not the two simultaneously. Changing the articulation type to Attribute yields the same result.

What am I doing wrong and how can I have my expression map work?

It won’t work because Expression Map doesn’t work this way: you can’t trigger 2 slots at the same time.
You will have to configure your Kontakt instrument differently instead.
To begin, you should set your two articulations to the same MIDI channel.
Then you would set those two articulations in Kontakt to receive a trigger from one slot in Expression Map.
In this case, that slot would combine staccato and marcato.
Hope it’s clear.

Yeah that’s what I’m trying to avoid, having articulations sharing the same channel because I won’t need to stack them all the time.

I thought groups allowed up to 4 slots to be triggered at the same time?

So the solution is to have 1ch for Staccato, a 2nd channel for Marcato, and a 3rd channel for duplicates of stacc and marcato? (3 slots total)