Expression map playback technique for real-time MIDI recording


Is it possible to deactivate the expression map during real-time MIDI recording?

Alternatively, is it possible to manually select the playback technique used during real-time MIDI recording?

For example, say I’m writing for an instrument with two articulations; sustain and staccato, with an expression map mapping the Natural and Stacatto playing techniques to appropriate key switches in the VST to trigger these samples, in the usual way.

Now suppose I wish to real-time MIDI record a staccato passage. It would be preferable if I could hear the staccato samples from the VST during this real-time MIDI recording, however, the expression map activates after pressing the record button and directs the VST to use the sustain samples, even if I’ve manually activated the staccato key switch in the VST before the recording.

If I could only disable the expression map during real-time MIDI recording, then the VST could remain in its current state, and I could hear the samples I’m working with.

A potential workaround could be to make a duplicate instrument, with a “do nothing” expression map routed to the same VST, record all of my performances on this duplicate, then move the recorded data over to the main instrument, and manually organise my playing techniques afterwards. I don’t have a problem with this, though it might mean creating a duplicate for every instrument, and I wonder if possibly I’m missing something obvious.

Thank you to anyone who reads this and has any advice. :slight_smile:

~ Robert

There’s no way at present to disable expression maps during real-time recording, or indeed to force Dorico to use one particular switch during recording, I’m afraid.

Thank you, Daniel. I’ll employ my workaround then. :slight_smile:

For the benefit of anyone reading this, I have outlined my (current) specific workaround here in a similar thread.