Expression Map problem

I’m getting an issue where Cubase doesn’t see my expression map on the track, even though it’s enabled. When I hit keyswitches in record, they don’t get played back (or recorded as notes. In the editor, instead of seeing keyswitches I just see “dynamics”. Only on some MIDI tracks, not all. Any ideas?

Could you upload a screenshot of what the VST Expression Map Setup window looks like for that map, please? :slight_smile:

Output for the other keyswitch is C#0

You haven’t created any articulations, and added them to the slots! :wink:

Something like this…
VST Expression Map.jpg
(Click in the “Art.1” column, and select “Add Custom Articulation”
It will then appear in the bottom right section of the window, where you can set it to your liking.)

OMG how many places do you need to enter in the keyswitch?!?

Thanks for your help.

The reason you need to enter it twice for what you are doing is because the 2 “keyswitch” entries are really doing different things. The remote key on the left side is the key you hit on your keyboard controller to trigger the articulation. The keyswitch listed on the right side is what gets sent to the VSTi to set it to the articulation. The note values in these 2 fields don’t even need to be the same. I never even set the remote key because I always draw in the articulations instead of playing them.

While at first this might seem overly complicated it gives you some flexibility. For example you could set it up so that your remote keys always trigger the same articulation even when moving between VSTi’s that have different keyswitches for the same articulation. For example say you use C0 to set staccato. In VSTi-A’s expression map that sends out C0. But in VSTi-B’s map it sends out D-1. Now you don’t need to remember which VSTi uses which keyswitch, because when you hit C0 on your keyboard it will send either C0 or D-1 depending on which map you have loaded. This scheme also lets you send multiple keyswitches using a single remote key.