Expression Map problems in 8.0.20 Mac

I’m having trouble defining an expression map in Cubase 8.0.20 on Mac. I just loaded up a pre-made expression map and it works great. When I try to make my own, it doesn’t work at all. The keyswitches move in Cubase’s Exp Map window in the inspector. But they are not passed through to my VEP sampler instrument. When I switch off the expression map, the keyswitches work again.

Second test was to duplicate a working expression map. I set everything in the Expression Map editor to be the same as “jono not bono’s” map. But his map works, and my identical map does not. His original and my test file are linked below if you’d like to look at the XML.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.

Mac Pro 2 x 3.46GHz 6-core Xeon / 64GB RAM / OSX 10.10.5 / SSL MadiXtreme audio IF

If your test.xml is supposed to be a copy of the other .xml (apart from the fact that the original has a “blank” slot #1… which is not a problem in itself :wink:, in yours, there is only the F0 remote trigger (spiccato) whose slot has a note-on defined in the output section (and it isn’t the same note-on as the original).

They looked the same in the GUI. I believe that the keyswitches were set for C0, C#0, D0

No, they’re not :wink:
(this also depends on your Root trigger Note… bottom left of the VST Expression Setup window… usually C0 (MIDI note #24)… I loaded both maps here, with C0 as my Root keyswitch…

Original (8DIO Violas…)…
Slot #1 = Blank
Slot #2 __ trigger note=C0 __ output mapping note=CO
Slot #3 __ trigger note=C#0 __ output mapping note=C#0
Slot #4 ___trigger note=D0 __ output mapping note=DO

Yours (Test)…
Slot #1 __ trigger note=D#0 __ output mapping note=blank
Slot #2 __trigger note=E0 __ output mapping note=blank
Slot #3 __ trigger note= F0 __ output mapping note=C0

Here’s a screenshot of the 8DIO’s slot #2 (as example)…
8DIO Slot 2.jpg
Now, the three slots in your Test map… (EDIT, the forum won’t let me upload all three, so here is just Slot #1 and Slot #3)…
Test Slot 1.jpg
Test Slot 3.jpg
Check the Output Mapping pane (top-right) for each slot :wink:

This is what I see when I open that test keymap in Cubase for Mac. It looks correct in the GUI but it does not work. Apparently in Cubase for Windows it looks different? Is there a way I can edit the XML to fix it if it’s a Mac bug?

No it doesn’t!.. look at the Output Mapping Pane (top-right)… It’s empty!

You were right of course, thank you for your help on this!

Hey Steinberg, perhaps the keyswitch default in the output pane could be the same as the input, rather than C3 every time?