Expression Map Question

I was looking a tutorial given by Junkie XL on building Expression Maps. He was demonstrating the procedure on Cubase. Since I’m on Nuendo, I figured the procedure would be pretty much the same. But when He’d finished building his map, he automatically had controller lanes in his MIDI window. When I finished mine, I didn’t. I had to go into my MIDI window and create the controller lanes and then open the Articulations window to get them to show up.

Are the MIDI functions in Cubase a lot more advanced than Nuendo? Is that why the Score Composers use both Cubase AND Nuendo? I always thought of Nuendo as “Cubase +.” Is that no longer true?

I did a search here on Expression Maps and ALL of the results came up under Cubase and Dorico. NOBODY here is writing music in Nuendo? :astonished:


This is exactly the same in Cubase and Nuendo. The only trick is to choose the Expression Map on the track.