Expression map question

How can I setup “default” expression maps that always show up in the expression map list? :thinking:
Currently I have to go through the following steps to use an expression map:

  1. Click the Expression Map button to the left on the arrange screen (“No Map” is displayed in the field).
  2. Click the Expression Map Setup button and the Expression Map Setup window is displayed.
  3. Click load and I am (hopefully) taken to the root of the folder where my expression maps are stored.
  4. Click and load an expression map
  5. The expression map is still not activated so I have to select it in the field where “No map” currently is displayed.
  6. I go into the Key editor and add a lane for Articulations/Dynamics.

Phew, now I can use it! :sweat_smile:
There must be an easier way, right?


You’ve gotta be kidding? :open_mouth:

Sure you can. That is what Templates are for (among lots of other things). Just open up the Expression Map Setup and load all the Maps you’d like to have readily available. Then save as part of your Template. Now starting a Project from that Template will have those Maps preloaded.