Expression Map - Velocity and Midi CC


Hello, I have a question.

In some libraries I’m using, I could be in the need of using both CC1 and Velocity for Dynamics.

Velocity controls the attack (high velocity it’s more like a sfz and low velocity is more like a soft attack) and CC1 controls the actual Dynamics.

Is it possible to do something like this?

Thank you very much.

It’s not currently possible, I’m afraid. We have built in some support for the attack part of dynamics into the lowest levels of the playback engine, but it’s not fully implemented at the moment. We do hope to expand on this in the future.

Ok thanks, I’ll sort something out.

Reading the instrument definitons etc to find out how they use the expression maps, there seem to be playing techniques defined for dynamic markings from ppp up to fff.

Could they be used to give a coarse control of the attack levels, even if the attack level can’t be completely synced to the dynamic level yet?

The playing techniques for the different dynamic levels aren’t wired up to do anything yet. The intention was to allow for triggering different patches or switches based on dynamics but we haven’t had the time to implement it. Something for a future version we hope.

Thanks for that.

I was going to try using the dynamic levels to trigger different registrations of a harpsichord in Pianoteq, but I’ll leave that till later now I know it won’t work!