Expression map with grace notes

I use the expression map from VSL. In a song, a grace note is to be played. Unfortunately, this is not audible, because there is no switch for the grace note. Is it possible to add a custom expression map switch for grace notes?

Hi Spiegoof.

Just wondering : is the grace note at the beginning of the flow? In this case, you must input a pre-roll in playback options (cmd-shift-P).

I probably did not describe the problem well enough. Violins are supposed to play one grace note before a whole note. Unfortunately, both the whole note and the grace note have the playing instruction natural. Since the attack time in the articulation sustain is too long, you don’t hear the short grace note. Now I’m trying to add the articulation suggestion note to the expression maps so that a shorter attack is played.

You should be able to create a playing technique at a grace note position to cause Dorico to switch to a different sound, if you have a suitable switch set up in your expression map that will produce the technique you expect to hear.

If I give the grace note a staccato, it works fine. I had hoped that it would work without.

You can use a custom playing technique (created via Engrave > Playing Techniques and assigned to an appropriate playback technique to access the desired switch in your expression map) and hide it via the Properties panel.