Expression Map XML editor

On a hunch, I dragged one of my *.expressionmap files into Excel. Excel offered to read it as an XML table. It turns out that Expression Maps are just XML files. No surprise there.

I really hate the Expression Map UI that comes with Cubase. So here’s a challenge: do any of you have the time to learn the data structure and write a better UI? I would love to be able to just enter the data I want into a table/spreadsheet, then squeeze that data through an application generates an .expressionmap file. I have a coding background, but don’t particularly enjoy doing it. Perhaps one of you would enjoy this.

Any takers?

The biggest trick is to figure out how the object ID numbers are generated. The rest doesn’t look too complicated. Here’s a screenshot of an expressionmap file using the free XML tree view app, “XML Notepad”):

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I would like to, but the only thing is there are some ID fields in there which Cubase must be generating some how and i’m not sure what to generate them as with an independent tool. If anyone knows about anything about the expression map XML id fields, please comment.