Expression Map XML format?

I have created a command line utility useful for setting up large multi-group expression maps. However, the resulting XML it creates only seems to open in the MacOS version of Cubase (10.5). Other people with Windows Cubase are unable to properly load these resulting XML files

Does anyone know if there are any differences between the XML expected by Mac vs Windows version of Cubase, for expression maps?

I thought they were just plain text files, but I guess there could be some encoding difference…

No difference when you visually observe the content of the file, I presume?

They are plain text XML files… and I can’t see any other differences, such as line ending characters either. But somehow…the XML I generated will open in MacOS Cubase 10.5, but not the Windows version.

I am wondering if its related to the ID field in some way or some other aspect where the Windows version is more strict or different in how interprets the incoming XML.

Here’s an example XML file… (2.8 KB)

It should read into Cubase Expression Map editor and look like the following JPG (and it does on Mac, but not on Windows)

Hm… worked here

well that’s good news! which version of Cubase are you using?

11.0.0. Sorry I don’t have 10.5 installed at the moment to test that.

Its ok, thanks for testing it and its a good thing that it works for you on v11.

Three questions in no particualr order:

  • Have you tried this on more than one system?
  • Can you load other expression maps in that C10.5 install?
  • Have you checked this in Cubase Safe Start mode?

I’m dealing with the problem as reported from another user on windows. Awaiting more info from them. I can confirm it works fine for me on Cubase 10.5 both Mac and win. It could possibly be pilot error not sure at this point.