Expression Maps and Absolute Channel Switches not working entirely as expected

So I’ve got a bass guitar part that involves normal playing, as well as volume swells using a pedal. To achieve this in playback, I am using two different patches in Kontakt, set on different channels.

So in Dorico, I set up techniques in my expression map that trigger absolute channel switches.

Switching to the volume swell is working fine. However when I go to switch back to the regular patch (previous channel), it works for a single note, then I get nothing at all for subsequent notes.

Initially I thought it might be to do with the playing technique being set as ‘attribute’ rather than ‘direction’, but I have them both set to ‘direction’ and the same thing happens. One note, then nothing at all.

Not sure what else to try. Any thoughts?

The way of diagnosing these issues is to look at the playing techniques lane in Play mode. Hover over them to see more information in the tooltip. That will show the efficency techniques at that point and which switch it’s using.

So I looked in the playback technique lane in play mode. I can see the various technique blocks appear in the lane. There are various techniques created enabled in expression maps (Natural, volume swell, harmonics, and one just called None which switches the channel back).

However, whichever one I hovered over in the lane seemed to show just ‘Natural’. So I tried disabling this in the expression map. Now when I hover over either the ‘volume swell’ or the ‘None’ blocks, I don’t get any information at all, so it is showing info for ‘natural’ but nothing else.

Here’s another oddity: If I put the ‘none’, then follow it with a harmonic, then after the harmonic it plays correctly. But if I put ‘None’ with no harmonic following, it plays one note normally then doesn’t play anything else.

Can you attach a cut down project that shows this problem? I won’t have free to look at it though until after the weekend