Expression Maps and Note Expression

Would love the ability to do a limited kind of Note Expression in Expression Maps. What I have in mind is some Jan Hammer-ish articulations where he emulated some guitar stylings on keyboards. In the current Halion Sonic SE, the Clean Guitar VX instrument has a Slide articulation in its Expression Map that is an example of what I am looking for. It is a short fixed length slide up to the note pitch. I could see other similar things like a similar slide down, and slide up or down on the note release.

This can all be done using Note Expression automation but I would like to be able to do it with Expression Map entries. And I would like to be able to build and apply this kind of Expression Map to any MIDI instrument but in particular the Halion Sonic SE FLUX engine or Retrologue synths would be great.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Or, how about “Here is a note with some Note Expression applied to it, use the Note Expression part as an articulation item in an Expression Map.”