Expression maps and notes keeping


Expression maps in C9 are still no able to select output to different MIDI ports, so I need to use a Program Change messages for switching between >40 articulations of Violins group… Ok… But If I release one key after pressing the second key, first note is not receives a note-off on properly PrCh (see a pictures) - is it possible to modify Expression maps function for keeping a overlayed notes by sending additional PrCh messages before note-off and after it?

I’m not sure what sample library you are using for this but usually the most common articulations are grouped within a few or sometimes even only one patch. So there shouldn’t be the need to load a new patch for every articulation. Hence, if you do this you can get interruptions because the program change can interupt notes. And even more in this scenario it wouldn’t even make sense to use expression keys because there’s nothing to switch to!

For instance Spitfire and 8Dio libraries usually have a few different major patches like legato, marcato, ensemble and the sum of these patches feature all the possible articulations you can address with expression keys. So no need to do program changes for each separate articulation. So it makes sense to have like 3 or 4 tracks active for one violin group to cover all possible articulations. And some libraries even have all the most common articulations addressable within only a single patch. But again I’m not sure what library you are using?

Hollywood strings, for example. I know, that there is a patches with 5 general articulations, that it is possible to use one track for slow articulations, other for fast, third - for fx, etc… - I has tried a several ways. but FOR ME more useful to have all articulations on one track - I need all nuances, because make a classical music from scores. Also it more quick for me to make a score from one Violins track, not from several. As example, see one of my expression map (even here is not all articulations used - I want to add to this list articulations with accents)

For keyswitches I use a separate keyboard - it sends PrCh messages to expression Map (since version 8.5 Cubase able to receive PrCh for change articulations)

And, yes, I can to fix a notes freezing by Plogue Bidule patch (compare data in left and right MIDI monitors on the picture) But why Steinberg not fix it in Cubase?
Also MIDI port routing ability strongly needed in Expression maps - because, for example, in a Play sampler 1 articulation = 1 midi channel. (because factory multypatches with keyswitches not contain all best patches and users needs to add additional patches by hands). For 17-th articulation users needs a second Play on same track. When Expression maps was introduced in Cubase 5, 16 channels and 1 MIDI port output was enough, but since that time many new big sample libraries was created (90 articulations in WARP IV Woodwind, for example, so for now current state of expression maps function is not useful even for appearance of full list of articulations in Inspector and on a controller lane. Imagine 90 articulations on a controller lane in a current appearance concept - is there any remaining space for a note editing in key-roll editor?