Expression Maps and Playback Templates for Orchestral Tools - Berlin Harpsichords

Hello Dorico team and dear colleagues,

Here are my sets for the two great Harpsichords sampled by Orchestral Tools:

UPDATE (16.07.2022):
Updated French Harpsichord Expression Maps and Playback Template

  • A new Playing Technique was added - “lute” for stopped / muted articulations

Berlin (3.5 MB)

UPDATE (16.07.2022):
VE Pro Server Template and Dorico Playback Templates:
Updated French Harpsichord Expression Maps and Playback Template

  • A new Playing Technique was added - “lute” for stopped / muted articulations

Berlin Harpsichords VE (3.5 MB)

For the creation of these P.T and E.Ms the French Harpsichord Multi +12dB and the Italian Harpsichord Multi +12dB were used.

Brief information:

  1. Additional “Directional” Playback Techniques and Playing Techniques were created:
  • 2x8’ (Default for the Italian Harpsichord and applicable for the French by Technique text)
  • 2x8’+4’ (Default for the French Harpsichord)
  • Front 8’
  • Back 8’
  1. Expression Maps Conditions were created for faster passages.
  • Note Length <= Short (which is routed to the Staccato samples)
  • The French Haprsichord has Sustain and Staccato Stops which give a lute impression,
  1. The FX Staccato KeySwitch, which is a part of the French Harpsichord is not mapped in the
    E.Ms. If you find it useful, you could assign it yourself.

Enjoy using this nice library and the sets! :slight_smile:

Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Are these sample sets only available for use in Kontakt?

Hi @Vaughan_Schlepp,
Yes, these is Playback Templates and Expression Maps sets are only available for Kontakt, but
the library itself requires Full Kontakt.

Best wishes,

I’d be surprised if they didn’t port them over to SINE Player soon.

@Thurisaz, I’d be interested to know if there’s anything odd with that sample package. OT have made some curious decisions, IMO, about the implementation of their libraries, like very loud bow changes in sustains; or the way they setup ornaments, etc.

Hi @benwiggy,
Well, nothing too odd in this library, except the FX Staccato samples in the French Harpsichord Patch.

  • The Staccato articulations are a bit shorter than the Sustain and return of plectrum is more audible.
  • The Sustain articulations have more room tail and the return of the plectrum isn’t very audible.
    Most probably there is no after touch function integrated into the script.

Found Issue:

  • The Only issue that I have found is that during playback in fast tempo the Sustain articulations
    cannot react enough well and sometimes they even don’t sound. I decided to use the Expression Maps Conditions in order to re-route to Staccato in faster tempo.
    During Real-Time playing everything sounds fine.

Otherwise this is one of the best sounding, Harpsichord, library I’ve ever heard.

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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Thank you for these. Must have taken you hours to create. They’re very detailed. I had them up and running in a Dorico 4 project in no time. I haven’t added the playing techniques yet but hope to later today.

Hi @andhy,
Thank you very much for you kind comment! :slight_smile:
Well, I can’t remember, exactly, how much time it took me to create this set, but surely wasn’t more than an hour. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,