Expression Maps and Second Keyboard

I’m trying to get my head around Expression Maps.

So I have created an expression map for my Spitfire Strings Instruments. It’s using Keyswitching. So I can draw in all the articulation changes in the Articulations/Dynamics lane.

But is there anyway to map the key switching to a second keyboard, so that I can record input those notes being played and then they are recorded not the Expression Maps Articulation/Dynamics lane? Or can I only edit these after recording in the notes.

So basically I’m wanting to real time record in the performance and it takes note of the articulation changes on a note basis and maps these on the Articulation/Dynamics editor.

The map itself does not know which keyboard is sending the data. It just uses whatever midi input(s) are assigned in the Tracks’s Inspector. So you probably want to include the midi ports for both keyboards in “All MIDI Inputs” so your Track will ‘see’ both keyboards. This might solve your problem right off.

If it doesn’t, can you post a screenshot of the Expression Map setup so we can see how you’ve got things set now.

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