Expression Maps and versions


With the new, wonderful Library Manager, we can even explore the metadata for expression maps in different projects.

Just wondering if the differences between xmaps is still done, by Dorico, by checking the version number, or if it now compares the xmaps themselves to find differences.


There hasn’t been any change to how Dorico decides whether or not to update expression maps when loading a project that uses a custom playback template.

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Sorry, Daniel, I was not clear.

  1. In the Library Manager, you can compare two different projects.

  2. Dorico can say if there are different Expression Maps in the two projects (one of which might be the one you use to model your playback template).

  3. When two Expression Maps with the same name exist, but they are different in content, will Dorico be able to understand they are different?

  4. If it can understand they are different, does it compare the actual content of the two Expression Maps, or just their version name?


In the Library Manager, yes, it compares the actual contents of the expression maps.

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That’s great! Thank you!