Expression Maps: another Articulation Type called "Individual" or "Parameter" or "Trigger"

Getting deep into Expression Maps and Articulations at the moment,

I’m experimenting with using Expression Maps to also change parameters and settings on External Digital Synths using MIDI CC.

It’s actually working quite well, but I’ve realized the limitation is that the whole Expression Maps system is data-monophonic, ie, only one Articulation can be active at any given time.

It would be great if there was a 3rd Articulation type that can send a message even while another articulation is active.

This Articulation type could be called “Individual” or “Parameter” or “Trigger”.

For example,

Say a synth has a bunch of button toggles settings:

Filter Type

and another section of the synth has

-Vibrato Off
-Vibrato 1
-Vibrato 2
-Vibrato 3

and another part of the synth has glide

-Portamento Off

All of these parameters can be changed via MIDI CC, and you can figure out the exact values between MIDI 1-127 data value.

Obviously this can be done via a typical variable Controller CC Lane, but, it’s so so so much nicer just programming in the exact values into Expression Maps instead of trying to figure out the values on a CC Controller Lane each time.

The only issue is that, Direction and Attribute types can only allow one articulation at once.

So maybe, I want to send

-Vibrato 2
-Legato Glide
-Bandpass Filter
-Delay on

all on the same note.

Maybe ‘Vibrato 2’ and ‘Legato Portamento’ would both be Direction articulation types, but I would want Filters and Delay to be a ‘Individual’/‘Parameter’/‘Trigger’ type.

_____|Vibrato 2______________
_____|Bandpass Filter________|Lowpass_______________|Hipass___________________
_____________________________|Delay On______________|DelayOff__________________

does this make sense?


This is what I have requested.
I called it “Independent” expressions.

It seems to me that you’ve jumped into Expression Maps very recently and you already have identified its limitations in a few hours. :wink:

Just to be clear, what you are describing is already possible in EM, but it would need way too many slots/combinations in Expression Maps settings and using all groups (and even more than 4 groups) to cover anything: in my case more than 6000!
With Individual/independent expression maps, that number would probably be only 50 (slots)!

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“independent”, good word.

Yeah I realized pretty quickly that trying to create all the possible parameter combinations will add up quick. A toggle parameter with 6 settings combined with another 6 option toggle is 36 slots…

Having 12 slots that I can combine any way I need to in any given situation right on the Articulation Lane is a lot more accessible.

Would you agree that these “independent” articulations, should have their own graphical style? maybe more like a Marker with a big triangle flag?