Expression Maps causing crashes in c9.5

When I load a project that I created in C7 (that has expression maps), C9.5 crashes whenever I try to open the score editor. It only crashes when I open Score editor on the tracks that have Expression Maps info, not the tracks that don’t. Any ideas?

Here’s the crash dump:

p.s. When I open several tracks, some that have Expression Map and some that don’t, the score editor opens ok, but crashes when I open an individual midi track (with Expression Map) in Score.

In my case, some tracks make Cubase Crash if they have expression maps.

Moreover, a track and an expression map can’t be loaded at the same time. They crash.


Make sure you have Cubase 9.5.30 update installed. Is it still crashing? If yes, could you share a new crash dump file, please?