Expression Maps - First note doesn't change on first play

Hi, I’m evaluating Nuendo 10 with the demo license.
I’ve created an Expression Map for my VSL Solo Violin, using Program Changes as switches.
I set all the articulations as “attribute”
It works and I find it very very useful…the only thing that I’m experiencing though is when I select the notes and then change their articulations, and then press play, it takes “a while” before the changes take place. The articulations display the correct change but the sound I actually hear is from the older ones. After a second pass and play, I hear the correct articulations.

Has anyone experienced the same issue?

I’m on the latest macOS Catalina.
Mac Pro Trashcan - 3.5Ghz - 64 Gigs RAM.
UA Apollo Twin Thunderbolt.

Best regards

I made a video to show what happens :