Expression Maps for additional notes?

I’m wondering whether it is possible to design a custom playing/playback technique, for example

which, combined with a custom Expression Map, effectively produces

which you might call “octave doubling”. Another application could be the simulation of guitar power chords, based only on the root note.



I know that I can transpose notes within Expression Maps to create the new transposed notes(s) (+12 for the first example, +7 for the second example), but is it possible for the original note(s) to be played also?

No, you can’t do this kind of thing via expression maps: you can get Dorico to play multiple key switch notes, which can of course just be regular notes of any pitch, but you can’t define key switches relative to the pitch written in the score – which makes sense, since so far as I know no library actually uses a system of relative key switches!

Thank you, @dspreadbury, that is what I suspected.

In theory, one could achieve this by carefully setting up parallel instruments across the channels of the VST, and use the Expression Map to switch between the channels. For example, in the VST use

Piano on OMNI set to Output 1
Piano with Transpose=12 on Channel 2 set to Output 1

Then on the Expression Map, set

Natural: Channel=1
Plus Octave: Channel=2

though this might only work in simple cases, where the VST is not applying internal effects, and other Playback Techniques are not required in the Expression Map.

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile: