Expression maps for Ample, EZbass, Irons, Electric Sunburst, Shreddag, Evolution Nylon

First of all: STEINGBERG PLEASE PLEASE upgrade the expression maps creation and edition process, it´s PAINFUL!!!

I´m sharing my expressions maps for Ample bass, EZbass, Ujam Irons 2, Electric Sunburst, Shreddag, Evolution Nylon.
I made them with C-1 as root note.
Some of them can be used for many other Instruments as well.
I can´t believe that nobody in the whole world has expression maps to share, they are really useful.
Hope a kind soul contributes to this cause…

Added some expression maps to zip: virtual bassist royal, scarbee funk guitarist, ample guitar martin, le skank.
Added a zip for Chris Hein brass, not from my authorship

Edit 2:
Found this site with more maps:
Chris Hein (8.9 KB)
Expression (29.6 KB)


Very good of you to share. I don’t have any of those, but I’m sure others will appreciate your generosity.
Spitfire Audio has a download page for expression maps created for some of their libraries:

Spitfire List of Expression Maps


I tried some free maps for Chris Hein Horns and none of them worked.
Just a side note: I spent $130 AUD to buy some Chris Hein Horns 1-4 maps from the Art Conductor website, none of them worked despite him having that product listed on his website. He claimed the libraries must’ve been updated, which is technically true, 6 years ago!! He did not refund me and i’m stuck out of pocket and making my own maps. Hot Tip: Before buying from him, make sure your product is 100% supported via email with version numbers before handing over your cash which will never return. I have to say in my 25 years of being in the Pro Audio game, i’ve NEVER been ripped off like this.