Expression Maps for Sample Modeling

I use CCs a lot to modify synth parameters. Personally I’d like to parameter-ise the playing technique (so I could write in the score cutoff: 64, or even better cutoff: 20-70 as a gradual playing technique. and the Expression Map would trigger the correct value.

Changing the CC lane in the key editor just doesn’t give any visual feedback, which I find to be a problem. But I doubt that’s going to change anytime soon.

I would strongly disagree with this comment… Dorico works brilliantly with modelled instruments, EM are a very capable tool to access almost every playing techniques available to strings or other instruments, it does require a deep study of the instruments both real and virtual, but it all work with EM except for falls and other events triggered after note start as you’ve pointed out.

With Sample Modeling strings I’ve been able to create Sul Ponte, Sul Tasso, Collé, Fouetté, Martellé, Flautando, Overpressure, Sautillé, Spiccato, Tenuto, Détaché, Jeté, Au talon… all those nuances in the playing techniques are piloted by EM thru CC. Many of this Expressions will be hidden on the printed version of course

It is a lot of hard work and many hours spent on YouTube researching those actual playing techniques. And then trying to figure out which CC should control what aspect of the sound, but the sky is the limit !!


Well, I always welcome being wrong, but as they say: show don’t tell. Some people have claimed the same over on VI-Control, but when they show it, it just sounds like a string synth pad from the 90s.

I mean…this sounds like an assertion easily proven wrong by the way EMs in Dorico have almost total control over any CCs, and the fact that all Modelled Instrument have a comprehensive set of CCs to pilot most aspect of the instruments sound… just connect the dots !!

And no… I won’t do it for you !!

Ps : as mducharme pointed out the next release should bring significant new humanization features of which Modeled instruments actually make a far better use than any Sampled instruments… not to mention a perfect response to Dynamics.

Here are examples of the default playback of my template with Sample Modeling brass:

The Enterprise

Main Title

Those don’t have any manual CC or MIDI work, just loading up the score and hitting play.

They would both still benefit from some additional manual shaping, but I think the results are not bad really, and should improve more in the next release that will do more automatic shaping of the dynamic controller.

I won’t vouch for how well the strings work with all this. I have the Sample Modeling strings and unlike the brass you can’t just drive them with dynamic and perhaps some vibrato and get good results. There are lots of other attributes in the sample modeling with their own CC’s, and the people who really use those effectively have to automate those too.

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