Expression Maps for Sample Modeling

Hello community, just wanted to contribute to the expression maps, but I don’t how to add them to that Thread. So I’ll just post them here and the devs can sort it out. It includes all SM instruments and they have been tested quite a bit.
SM Expression (13.7 KB)

That’s how it’s usually done. Thanks.

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Thanks, @Bollen. I’ve added a link to the sticky thread.

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Thanks for posting! I noticed you didn’t have the keyswitches for Falls or Doits assigned in your Trumpet map. Have you been able to get those to work? I haven’t been able to figure out how to get those to play back correctly in Dorico, so would definitely be interested to know if you can get those working.

There’s a few things I don’t add to the maps because they work better manually. The falls are an excellent example, if all instruments play the same KS (via the Expression Map) they will phase and sound identical. SM relies on subtle differences in velocity of the KS to produce slightly different effects. Furthermore, there are many different ways to do for example Falls: Split-portamento fall, fast fall, half-valve fall, etc.

It’s just better practice to add them manually. I also didn’t include con sordino in the strings, because SM has two options which are up to the user to choose. Also, you don’t want the same sordino on Vlns I & II.

PS: sorry for the tardy reply, I am not getting notified of replies via email.

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This is great, thank you so much!
It seems that for the strings, the tremolo keyswitch is never being applied. Any idea why? I also didn’t spot any hint that the tremolo rate parameter (CC19) is being used which makes me wonder how you’d distignuish between a measured tremolo with two lines vs one line.

I refer you to the post right above yours, some things just don’t make sense to have them in the EM. However, the default “unmeasured” tremolo should be working since it’s specified i.e. Key switch E1.

Hello, I am very interested in this set of expression maps for the Sample Modelling Libraries. I am particularly interested in their string library due to its possible flexibility in a wider variety of music than I get with purely sampled libraries. I was wondering if anyone is working on Expression Maps for the company Audio Modelling which also has instruments available on the iPad?