Expression maps for Spitfire Symphony Orchestra 2024 Brass/Woodwinds

I’ve prepared basic UACC expression maps for SSO 2024 Brass and Woodwinds although at this stage I have yet to succeed in linking them to the notation instructions as it’s some time since I worked on Dorico. No doubt one of the youtube videos will explain this last step. I’ve had to supplement the library of playback techniques in order to match the SSO descriptions. Happy to share what I’ve produced so far if anyone is interested. I’m now working on the Strings section.

Hello Andrew,

I have the same library and found this UACC expression map for SSO 2024 on the forums:

It works fine for me, and should save you some time to use instead of writing everything yourself =)

As for linking them to your notation instructions, simply loading the expression map (after importing it) for the instrument should work.

Thank you for that guidance. I will explore those map links. The playback techniques vs playback techniques has always been an area that I find highly confusing. Add a Vm to a notation and in my case nothing changes. For instance if I enter a rips up instruction nothing changes, it’s completely ignored so clearly there’s a step in my learning process that’s still missing.

Yes it can be a bit confusing, because sometimes a playback technique doesn’t do anything, or you might find it after some trial and error. If you have dorico pro I believe you can create your own custom techniques, and you can map keyswitches/UACC to those.

As for the rips and falls, you can find them here, in the jazz section:

Screenshot 2024-05-29 134943

Thanks, I’m quite interested in what you’re working on, having followed this discussion from the VI Control thread.

Hello John. Apologies for my slow response but I’m suffering from scheduled power brownouts here in the Philippines. In fact I ended up buying a new generator as I was so fed up with brownouts. I will get back to looking at this matter for SSO as soon as I’ve finished some beta testing.

I do have the pro edition which maybe is why I get a little overwhelmed by all the different options. I’ll look into the jazz section. Thank you for that suggestion.