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Besides some smaller bugfixes I added removal of remote triggers and the ability to show program change numbers instead of keys as remote triggers (requested by @ravez )
This is only a visual as using keys vs program changes is a property of the cubase project, not the individual expression maps themselves.

it’s not only visual, the assigned remote notes and program changes are all saved with the expression maps.
In cubase then you must decide which one to use
At least that’s how it works for me and why i did request this feature :slight_smile:

What I meant, is, that in my editor it’s just visual. What’s saved in the exported map is still the same.

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What a great tool you made there! Setting the keyswitches is now much faster.

However, is the Group feature not functional or am I missing something ? How can we move articulations between the different groups ? The left and right arrows are always grayed out.
And what are the group drop-down menus for ? Is that for filtering or something ? This looks redundant.

Pretty sure you do. Select articulations on the first page. The group is a property of the articulations.

Alright, huge facepalm here. :laughing:
I can now make groups, but all the articulations are still all listed in Group 1 on the Slots page.
They appear properly in the drop-down menus (which I suppose are just a visibility filtering ?), but how do I add the articulations to different columns ? Isn’t it supposed to look like in Cubase ?

The arrows are grayed out :

In the Cubase editor when we set the group it goes into the corresponding column automatically :

I guess you changed the articulations’ groups after the fact. You need to recreate the slots. The reason there’re two pages is that some changes to page 1 could break changes on page 2.

Regarding your 2nd screenshot: this is for when you have a lot of slots. A page fits a few thousand slots. You can change this in the settings (top left corner button)

Usually articulations should be put in the correct group.

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Hi, is the articulation description in text mode (unlinked) not working anymore?

What do you mean? I can change description and articulation name independently. Can you elaborate?

I just wish i could see the description name on the articulation like in the expression maps editor in cubase, otherwise i don’t know what is what if i want to use for example an emoji with color as the articulation name.

I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand. In the Cubase editor in the bottom right you have both articulation and description, which match 1:1 to my editor.
The slot name is something entirely different. It’s generated from the articulation names.
You can still override it though. Just change from auto to manual on the second page and enter your preferred name

Basically i want to be able to see the description just like it works when you select symbol instead of text, as you can see with symbol you are also displaying the name of the description.
What i intend to do is to use text instead of symbol, and unlink the description from the articulation name, so that i can use an emoji which acts effectively as an arbitrary symbol and also define the name of the description, just as it works when using symbol instead of text.

Alright. Descriptions are now shown for non-icon articulations, if the articulation and description text differ from each other.

Works great, thanks!

This tool deserves an award
the next move would be to add a huge database in it for the most known libraries for quickly filling the trigger keys

That… is actually a quite interesting idea.
I tried to not add any online stuff, so you can technically just save the page and use it offline, but having a huge db of expression maps would be nice.

Maybe making the “online” part optional to activate or deactivate for quick access to the data base
Maybe we could do something as a community where people can edit the KS of the database in a big google sheet or something like that

Sure, create a public github repo and put everything in there. So far the tool hasn’t gained much traction, though. Some people “discover” it whenever this thread or the one on VI contols is pushed to the top. I asked some YTbers to cover it in a video, but I didn’t get as much as a response so far.

Edit fixed typo

Is there a way to batch assign midi channel for a selection of articulations?

If you want to assign the same channel to all articulations, just select the articulations and change channel. If you want to use increasing channel, you need to do it individually. But if that’s what you’re after, I can add a solution similar to assigning chromatic keys to the articulations.