Expression Maps Generator - Create expression maps quickly

Hello everyone.
As a long-term user that never created a full template because creating expression maps is soooo tedious, I finally came around and created a fully functional webpage for creating expression maps.

Make sure to check the help page to get started

Some features

  1. Unlike Cubase’s own editor with this tool you can assign triggers (key/cc/pgc) to articulations!
    Slots are then generated from these articulations, combining the articulations’ triggers.
  2. You can assign increasing triggers to multiple articulations with just a few clicks. Just select multiple articulations, press the “+++” button and each articulation gets its own trigger, either increasing chromatically or just white keys or just black keys
  3. Override any value in the generated slots
  4. Enter values:
    • with your keyboard (“C#-2” or “1”, “D-2” or “2”)
    • with a visual midi keyboard (see 2nd screenshot)
    • by just using an actual midi keyboard (works for keys, CC and velocity)

The webpage is available in

  • English
  • German
  • French (special thanks to @Maestro )
  • Italian coming soon

and was tested for expression maps with over 4000 slots.


Believe me, this tool is a gem!



1.000000000000000000 thanks!!!
really an awesome tool !!! Thank you!!!

Glad you like it.

If you find any bugs or require some additional features, just write me. Thanks again @Maestro and @Project for their help and beta testing.

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This is awesome!
I have found an issue.
On Mac, looks like selecting multiple articulations to add to a slot is not working.
I can shift select, but not command select.
Also would be cool to have the page justified to the center rather than left of the screen.
On a 4k monitor you end up working on the very top left of the window.
But this tool is gonna make a lot of people happy, congrats!

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Yeah, Macs are very “special” in various ways. I don’t own a Mac so testing is gonna be difficult. I’ll probably get back to you on that, but already have an idea how to handle that. Thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks a lot!

Definitely a great tool!

@roger-s can you try again now? should be fixed

Ah! this is great. So well executed. Thanks so much for your hard work here, and for sharing. Really appreciate it.
Steinberg - can I recommend sending mk1x86 a free copy of something cool for being an outstanding citizen of the cubase community here? He kinda nailed it! :wink:


I guess you meant @ravez:slight_smile:

Yes, sry. @ravez try again now

Outstanding….maybe something that Steinberg should consider integrating ??

I don’t mind getting Dorico pro :grin:


Works as expected on Mac now, thanks for the quick fix!


It’s a shame there is t just an industry standard so none of us have to do this.
it has some benefits like customisation but still….

Seconded -thank you - fantastic work, and if Steinberg gets you a copy of Dorico Pro, maybe you could find a way to adapt the site to make expression maps in Dorico? :grinning:

Does this work well with Dorico?

@G_Garcia @ShikiSuen
No, you cannot create “Dorico expression maps”, they work differently because you have infinite look-ahead. That means that you can decide whether to play arco v staccato based on the note-length which is usually not known when playing live (i.e. in Cubase), but is known when using Dorico.

However it seems like Dorico can import Cubase expression maps so in the widest sense you can create expression maps for Dorico.