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Con sordino should be in the 3rd group then.
Basically, everything that can be used in parallel should be in separate groups. Con sordino should be a direction articulation.

@mk1x86 Alright I think I get it now. But I still don’t understand some of the group stuff. Why doesn’t the following work.

I have 2 patches on separate midi channels. And 2 groups. First contains a sustain articulation. Second contains a staccato articulation. I would like to run these in parallel. So I can either use plain sustain…or add staccato on top for a sharper attack. With both lanes set to directional, all I’m hearing is the sustain layer.

What is actually chosen only depends on the slot. You cannot send midi data to two channels at the same time so you need to decide. That’s not a limitation of Cubase, though.

Now I got it. Thank you for all the info it’s been quite helpful. And for creating this tool!

Such a great utility!

Edited, please see below

@mk1x86 ,

Hello, thank you very much for this!

I went to your help page to read more about this, and clicked on the YouTube link, but did not recognize a YouTube for your project.

Is one available?

Thank you, again!

Never got around to create one, sorry. One day when I find the time

No problem, thank you again for the amazing work!