Expression maps groups issues

Hi, I noticed that when using expression maps in attribute mode, if an articulation with more than 1 group assigned to it is triggered and recorded live, the highest group gets assigned 2 times per note.
So, for example, a note that is recorded live with an articulation triggered right before playing the note, if that articulation is assigned to 2 groups (both in attribute mode), the second group will show twice on that note.
Even in the articulation lanes, if you want to delete it, you will have to delete it twice.
Is this a bug?
It happens in both Cubase 11 and 12 latest versions.
Also in C12, the articulations are not shown in realtime while recording, they appear only once the recording is done.
Can anyone confirm?

Could you explain how you manage to do this?

sorry, bad naming. I meant if that sound slot is assigned to 2 articulation groups

you can see the + symbol is assigned twice

Thanks for the details.
I can confirm this. It seems to be a bug.

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is this bug gonna be fixed? i have been waiting for 8 months but it is still broken