Expression maps - how to add two remotes?

In expression maps I have learnt how to make a note (“remote”) trigger a patch.
BUT - sometimes I need TWO notes to trigger a patch. For example, I need to trigger F#-1 AND B-1 to get a minor trill on my cinestrings trill/trem instrument. A lot of instruments require two remote key switches not just one.

However, the expression map only allows me to put in ONE remote key switch, not two. So I have to put the F#-1 key in manually, in the key edit piano roll, while the B-1 is put in in the expression map. Is there a way around this?
See pic.

You only need one remote key. But the articulation which that remote key executes needs to send out 2 trigger notes. In your pic under ‘Output Mapping’ there should be one entry for F#-1 and another entry for B-1. Alternatively you could create 2 articulations, one each of F#-1 & B-1 and then put them in the Art 1 & Art 2 columns in the slot.

Remote Keys do not talk to your VSTi at all.

Remote Keys only talk to the Expression Map, they tell it which Articulation Slot to execute.

The Expression Map Output Mapping is what talks to your VSTi & is where you set the Key Switches that the VSTi will understand.

Remote Keys are entirely independent - they don’t need to match the VSTi’s Key Switches at all.

You only need Remote Keys if you want to change articulations by physically hitting a key on a midi keyboard controller.

That looks good. Can’t execute it at the mo. Just started getting some probs with my sampler (no sound)

Yes, that works exactly. I couldn’t follow your second suggestion of using “Art 1 & Art 2 columns in the slot” as I can only see one column, unless you meant adding another articulation controller lane.

Look at the pic you initially posted. In the center section do you see four columns with the headers “Art 1” to “Art 4”. But don’t do it that way. Use the Output section.