Expression maps - how to delete an articulation?

The Steinberg manual for EXPRESSION MAPS says that to delete an articulation WITHOUT deleting the note, you have to “de-select” the articulation. But how do I de-select the articulation?


Set the Articulation to None in the Key Editors’ Info Line.

If you mean what I think you might mean, as a newcomer also to note expression I remember this baffled me too. To delete an articulation attached to a note without deleting the note, click on the articulation again in the lower panel with the same pencil tool you used to put it there.

There isn’t an option I can see to set the articulation to none in the info line. But the articulation will go if I click on it again with the pencil tool.

This only applies to Attribute Articulations (which are attached to a specific note & and will move with the note) but not for Direction Articulations (which tell Cubase to use that articulation until you tell it to use something different and are not attached to a note).

To get rid of an Attribute do exactly what you did to initially assign it to the note. It works like a toggle.

To get rid of a Direction select it in Lane at the bottom of the Key Ed and hit delete.

The fact that there are two different flavors of articulations and they don’t work the same can really cause confusion.

OK. Got it.