Expression Maps in C Pro 8.5.15 are unreliable.

I am working on a symphonic track right now in C Pro 8.5.15. I use Kontakt 5 with its factory VSL Library and Session Strings Pro. I made expression maps to for both to conveniently switch between articulations. I use the Expression maps with keyswitches. It works but not all the time.
I set the articulations to “direction” to be able to place it independently from the notes.

When i start the playback from the very beginning there is a position were the session strings switch from a sustain to a staccato articulation. I set the event in the articulations controller lane before the first note to be sure the articulation is switch right in time. Very often it dosent switch to staccato until several notes are played. When i than go a bit before the switch and play it from there it works. But as soon i play the entire project from the very beginning the “Staccato” Event in the controller lane is simply neglected by Cubase til several notes a played. I than tried to place an additional midipart upfront with 4times the staccato event. It just runs through all four evernts without switching.

And i don’t find the reason why it doesn’t switch as it supposed to to

Yeah this happens in previous versions too.

There is a fairly easy workaround. Take an existing Expression Map and insert a new blank slot into it. Then move that empty slot so it is the first one at the top of the list. The problem has something to do with Cubase seeing the first slot as the default articulation. If this default doesn’t actually do anything the problem goes away. When building new maps make sure to include an empty slot at the top.

thank you alot!!! :slight_smile:

This exactly solved the problem.