Expression Maps Issue in Dorico Pro 3.5

Hello Dorico crew,
There is a serious issue related to the Expression Maps in Dorico Pro 3.5.
The Expressions work fine only with Notated Durations, but not with Played Durations.
The most important thing is the expressions to affect the Played Durations
Check the attached example the transition between bars 2 and 3 - pizz. to arco:
Expression Maps (558 KB)
I hope this could be fixed in the near future! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

The question of note length is a tricky one as of course different libraries and patches have their own fixed or maximum lengths which may not exactly fit in with the notated lengths. The note lengths are defined on a time basis, though, like dotted quarter at 120bpm (0.75 seconds).

In your example, the pizz. lasts an extra note because the extreme playback offsets used means that the change isn’t triggered at the right time. I don’t really see the reason for doing this at this particular point – a pizz note by definition is not going to occupy the entire crotchet. On the wider issue, Paul is probably best placed to comment.

dko22 hello,
Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:
In order everything with the playback of the Expression Maps to alright they must follow the Played Durations.
As you know the people can’t play every not to the exact beat/grid most commonly the musicians starts slightly earlier before the grid.
In the provided example by me the half note in bar 3 starts slightly before the grid and doesn’t matter that arco is assigned to it
the note is actually occupied by the previous pizz.. This is wrong and should be fixed! :slight_smile:
This is very important when everything is Real-Time recorded!!

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We’re very well aware of the issue whereby the precise placement of a notated item like a playing technique change does not take into account the offset of the note at the same nominal rhythmic position. This has been discussed many times on the forum and is very much on our radar.

oh, that issue…
Apologies – thought you were taking about something else here.