Expression maps keeps getting stuck

Hello everyone! :smiley: :smiley:

I started using expression maps recently, sometimes I experiment some issues where the articulation gets stuck on the wrong one, like I’m showing in the picture.

Here the same problem happens to Junkie XL, he shows how to “solve”, but just momentarily it but when you are on a middle of a composition and five of these fail you don’t want to start searching and drawing all over it until it’s fixed, just so it fails again 10 minutes later.

Tis thing happens more frequently than I would like to admit, I’m even thinking of going back to Key Switches, at least they are stable.

So my question is, Is there some way to fix this issue, is there something I should do different that could make it work better?

Thank you very much in advance! I also upload a photo with two of my expression maps, one programmed with CC and another one with Key Switches, have the same issue with both of them.

Using the “attribute” type rather than “direction” fixed similar problems for me. When I was looking into that I gathered that the “direction” type is somewhat buggy/glitchy.

Thanks Ned. gotta give it a try!

I’m using it using the blank slot method, and when working with individual midi parts, make sure the last expression goes to the blank slot. If you are overlapping parts at all that is not good for the maps either. Using the ‘direction’ way like all the tutorials out there.

PS this still doesn’t stop the random bug as I explained in my bug report, but if that happens then just start/stop.