Expression maps mess up score completely

Hi everybody,
I tried to look for this but cannot find an answer.
I just discovered expression maps which are great, and they work in the playback, I created a few presets for some Vsts.
But the first time I opened a score of a vst with it… it was completely messed up!
Gigantic writes (Staccato, Vibrato etc…) on the score and the notes out of place, now it seems even impossible to cancel the maps, because the notes are deleted with them…
I am sure there is some preset I couldn’t find, but it’s destroying my work and I need to fix this, can somebody please help?
Thank you.

Since you didn’t provide any info about the map itself or the VSTi it is controlling I’m gonna make some assumptions which may or may not be valid.

I’m guessing that you want to be using Direction type Articulations instead of Attribute. Direction says to play this articulation from now until I change it. Attribute says play this one note (and only that note) with the articulation. The maker of the virtual Instrument determines if either type of articulation works properly with their VSTi. Attributes become part of the note and deleting it deletes the note. To remove Attributes just assign it a second time to the note and it will toggle off (yes that is weird and not intuitive). For details please look at the OPS manual - it is a complicated topic and the description in the manual will be more complete and thought-out than what you’ll find in this forum.

You can also set the slots in your map to use text instead of symbols (or a combo of both) to indicate articulations.

In the Score Editor you can set it to show/hide different types of elements. Set it to not display articulations - they’ll still be there, just not visible.

Rodger, first of all thank you!
It’s a mess here, the manual is not helping at all, the score section is really poor, even if it has a lot of features.
I’ll add a few infos:
I am arranging a string section now using East West strings and the expression works fine in both attribute and direction, no problem at all, if I only needed that it would be great, I used to work with separate tracks (one for legato, another for staccato and so on) so as I’m not using keyswitches wich are different from a Vst to another (Cinematics strings are completely different) this expression map is great.
I discovered a few minutes ago that I can hide the text in the staff, but it is completely messed up and it seems there’s nothing I can do about it, if I try and change the number of measures on a line it’s not working, or it is working but not displaying it correctly.
I’m sorry I cannot provide more infos, but even deleting the expressions the staff stays that way, it’s going to be a problem, I’ll have to go back to an older file and work it again.
Please tell me if I can tell you more to help you understand…
I attach a jpeg, if you look after measure 33, that’s a line with 7 measures!

I think I fixed it: don’t know why but I had to remove the expressions several times instead of one, it was like they were applied multiple times, your suggestion about the removal was crucial because I click multiple times and watched the score change, until they were completely removed.
Have no idea about what happened, but anyway, thank you!

Glad you got it worked out.

When in a situation like this where something weird is happening but you can’t quite tell what, the List Editor can be very useful in discovering clues about what’s going on.

Great suggestion, but what could be List Editor in the italian version? I’ll check it out.