Expression Maps Not Being Saved with Project

I’m getting some strange behavior with Expression Maps. I create a new project and assign it to NotePerformer (which is my default map).

I then save the file, close, and re-open. But the file has not remembered the expression map. Instead it highlights the top map:

This is happening for all files and (AFAICT) for all choices of Expression Map - i.e. it does not matter which Expression Map I choose . This happens after both closing and re-opening just the file AND closing and reopening Dorico.

I re-installed NotePerformer, but I doubt that is the issue since it’s happening for all Expression Maps.

I’ve attached the Dorico file and Diagnostics if that helps.

Dorico (540.4 KB)
Expression Map Not (868.8 KB)

you seem to have misunderstood how to view which EM(s) is/are actually being used in the project. Your screenshot just shows the permanently available EM’s and the CC11 is always at the top of the list. You need to click on the little icon shown in the screenshot below to see which EM’s are actually being used.

The Expression Map Dialog actually has little to do with Playback Templates. It is only for creating and Editing Expression Maps.

The Playback Template governs how Instruments connect to VSTs through Expression Maps (as shown in the Track Inspector of Play Mode) when Players are added in Setup.

What exactly are you trying to do?

The Expression Map used for a given Player/Instrument is set here:

or in the Endpoint Setup dialog.

there was never any suggestion it is that I can see. The thread is entirely about EM’s and @eheilner just seems to be misunderstanding how what is being used is viewed. With luck my and @benwiggy 's explanations should clarify things.

Thanks dko22 & benwiggy!