Expression Maps not respected with Grace Notes


When I use specific playback techniques that I expect to have different CC etc. behavior, this isn’t applied for grace notes. Here’s an example:

Hovering over the playing techniques bar of beat 3 of bar 1 shows:

Which has both the muted and accent expressions I expect. However, the grace note leading to beat 2 of the same measure doesn’t have anything.

Here’s the project:
Exp Map Grace Test.dorico (499.1 KB)

I can work around this by manually drawing CC in, but this seems like something that could be fixed.


I really hate to bump a thread, but it seems this one got missed in the 4.3 excitement :slight_smile:

No, it didn’t, but you’ll need to be patient because more involved queries require time to investigate. Please don’t bump threads!

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I’ve been looking into this, and it transpires that grace notes are, at present, intentionally ignored when it comes to playback techniques because some additional handling is required that needs further implementation.

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@dspreadbury it’s been a year since this last message, and I was really hoping this would make it in for 5.1. Any chance this is on the radar, or should I expect to need to work around it for the long term?

I can’t say for sure when it will be addressed. As I indicated to you in my previous reply, it’s quite involved, and it’s not a simple thing to implement.

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