Expression Maps problems

I am trying to set up my VSL collection with Dorico and I am encountering a few problems/bugs.
In Setup Expression Map I can’t import the standard Cubase Expression Maps for VSL (I even tried re-downloading them just in case mine had been corrupted). To clarify, Dorico gives me an “Error opening file”.

When I attempt to make my own Expression Maps in Dorico they first of all disappear after closing and reopening Dorico. I just have the standard HSO maps left. And the ones I make does not work (and I’ve set everything up as per the video tutorial). I can get tenuto to switch correctly (set to Midi Note 25, C#1) but staccato (C1) and legato (D#1) does not work. I tried dynamics and they seem to work (but not crescendos)

Another bug that seems to happen is that every now and then the changes made does not “stick” and instead revert to what it was before even though I click the “OK” button rather than Cancel.

And a last thing… When adding techniques, sometimes they overwrite the ones you have made and for some reason add a new “Natural”. I am now looking at a flute with three extra Natural techniques in the Expression Map.

This happens on both my PC and MacBook Pro.

Please tel me where is the Video tutorial !


An important thing to realise about the expression maps (which may not be obvious) is that they are part of the score library. This means that they are stored within the score, so that the score and all its resources is self-contained. So if you create a new score, open the expression map editor, make some changes and then close the score without saving then those changes will be lost. If you want to use the expression map in another project then export it as a Doricolib file.

We haven’t seen other reports of data loss - can you describe reproducible steps?

Legato techniques are not yet supported (hopefully in the next update). We’ve had some bug reports about staccato not working as expected, though I haven’t experienced that myself yet.

I assume it’s this video

I’m afraid it seems like I can’t reproduce the odd bug that replaced techniques.

The staccato is still not working though. Accents and tenutos work and even using CCs to switch between the Y axis in VI works on them.

I also just noticed that crescendos only seem to work when clicking them into the score from the right hand menu and not when I have something marked and then click the crescendo or using the pop-over.

Good to know about the legato not working.